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Cambios al paso #13

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Líneas de Paso

-[* black] Layout
+[* icon_note] While this top-secret prototype is hardly a consumer device, we're happy to give it a Repairability Score, especially since it may serve as an example of how simple a smartphone's construction can be.
+[* black] Project Tango Repairability Score: ***9 out of 10*** (10 is easiest to repair).
+ [* green] The battery can be replaced in seconds with no tools.
+ [* green] Seven screws hold the entire device together.
+ [* green] Several modular components can be replaced independently: speakers, cameras (all three!), IR projector, and display assembly.
+ [* red] A few components remain soldered onto the motherboard, increasing replacement difficulty. These include the vibrator motor and USB ports.