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Cambios al paso #6

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Líneas de Paso

-[* black] Speaky guy
-[* black] also cameras
+[* black] We pluck the earpiece speaker from the light adhesive keeping it in touch with its pressure contacts.
+ [* black] The [|mysterious markings|new_window=true] on this ultra new, and ultra custom device continue to elude us. Our searches find [|nothing useful].
+[* black] Next on the plate, two delicious cameras, 'SUNNY' side up.
+[* black] The selfie-cam has a 120º field of vision (FOV), which is akin to the (depth perceiving) [|field of view of the human eye.|new_window=true]
+ [* black] So what we're saying is, [|when you take a selfie, it looks back into you|new_window=true].
+[* black] Tango's 'standard' cellphone camera is a 4 MP Omnivision double-whammy [|RGB and Infrared sensor|new_window=true] that allows for high-res photo and video, as well as depth perception.