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[* red] The coolant drain plug on the side of the engine block cannot be seen from above the car. Even on this non-turbo the exhaust pipe is in the way, and it's beneath the throttle linkages that go to the transmission. It is located in the approximate location noted, behind the exhaust pipe.
[* green] It can be seen, with some effort, from below the car up through the tie-rods and other components.
[* black] If possible, as it is on the non-turbo cars, remove this bolt from above so as to not be in the way of the coolant as it drains. It can be done by feel once you've oriented yourself to the location of the bolt. It is removed using a 19mm socket, an extension, and a ratchet wrench.
[* black] It may be necessary to remove the bolt from below the car on turbo engine cars. If this is the case be prepared to quickly move out of the way and place the drain pan underneath. Coolant drains from this very rapidly.

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