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Cambios al paso #14

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[* black] Remove the EMI shield from the logic board, and presto!
[* black] This board is markedly different than the pre-production board we saw.
[* black] Markings on the A4:
[* black] N26CGM0T 1007 APL0398 33950084 YNL184A2 1004 K4X2G643GE
[* black] Yes, the K4X2 is a Samsung DRAM part number!
[* black] [link||Decoding] the part number shows there is 2Gb of memory inside. This translates into ~256MB of memory.
[* black] This means the A4 processor is probably being manufactured by Samsung.
[* black] The DRAM was stamped at the end of January, while the processor die was likely manufactured the third week of February.