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Cambios al paso #1

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Líneas de Paso

-[* black] Carefully note the brown colored locking bar that shims the ribbon cable in it's housing so it cannot slip.
-[* black] Using a nylon stick (or some other ESD safe probe) ''gently'' push both sides of the locking bar up.
-[* black] Now the ribbon cable should move freely. A careful prod using your nylon spudger should be able to free the cable. ''++This should ***barely*** require any force at all++''. Otherwise, check that the locking bar is fully disengaged.
+[* red] Use a spudger/tweezers/fingernail to unlatch the LCD ribbon port by pulling the grey tabs on the sides upwards (towards the top edge of the PCB).
+[* black] Once the LCD ribbon port has been unlatched, the LCD ribbon should very easily slide out and can be removed with zero force using fingers or tweezers.

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