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Cambios al paso #14

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+[* black] Place the solar panel on a surface that you can solder on.
+[* black] Cut the two wires connecting the circuit board to the solar panel at the base near the solar panel.
+[* black] With your new solar panel, solder each lead back to the circuit board, ensuring the positive and negative leads match up. correctly as displayed in the photo. Refer to the [guide|750|Repairing Soldered Connection Guide].
+[* black] Put the device back together following the same guide in reverse order.
+[* black] When you reach step 8, apply your [[Item:Evo-Stick Serious Glue|Evo-Stick Super Glue]] along the edges of the plastic panel.
+[* black] Press the panel back into place on the device and let it sit to dry for at least 10 minutes before use.
+[* black] Enjoy your new working device!

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