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Cambios al paso #2

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Líneas de Paso

[* red] Unscrew 8 T10 screws from the cooling unit. NOTE: these screws are acctually allen keys. The prefered tool will be long handled allen keys. t10 are 2.74mm (closest allen key is 2.5 or 3mm) and t15 are 3.27mm(closest allen key is 3mm and 4mm). You may strip your tool or the actual screws themselves. Use a set of high quality long handled allen keys.
[* icon_note] The screws are somewhat hidden, so they cannot be see in the picture.
[* icon_note] To visualize the location of the screws look 3 steps ahead.
[* black] The screws will loosen but will not come out, they are designed to loosen the unit, but remain in place.
[* black] Another version of LCS(out of computer) in G5 with off-center views to show the 8 screw holes.

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