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-[* black] Unplug the ATA/IDE cable from the logic board to completely remove the metal casing.
+[* black] Notice that this little stalion uses an old school 2.5" PATA hard drive. It's actually smart of Apple when you think about it - PATA drives were - at the time of initial engineering, slower, cooler drives. Certainly they are less expensive than equivalent SATA drives, but with a properly configured network, you should only need the drive for booting the machine while your content is slaved from your mac or pc workstation.
+[* black] Also notice that there is no power plug for the hard drive - thats because 2.5" PATA drives were the first consumer class hard drive to offer both power and data transfer from a single cable. Therefore BE CAREFUL when you disconnect this hard drive. If you are even the slightest bit hesitant, seek help from someone who has done it at least a couple of times, get them to show you, then watch you do it yourself so that you're placing the necessary torque on the cable in the right places so that neither the cable nor the hard drive is damaged in the process.
+[* black] Unplug the ATA/IDE cable from the logic board so that you can completely remove the metal casing.