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-[* black] Flip the Apple TV over
-[* black] Peel off the rubber backing which is held on with adhesive. In order to prevent tearing the tape holding the rubber backing in place, be very careful or heat up using a heat gun or hair dryer.
+[* black] GET A TOWEL to protect the glass and prevent you from losing a screw because it bounced around on a hard surface only to disappear amongst the dust bunnies and cockroaches.
+[* black] CAREFULLY and with an even amount of lift on each side of the rubber base, peel the backing which is held on with adhesive tape . In order to prevent tearing the rubber matte, be very careful and use a wide putty knife so you can inch up on the matte ... first in the center closest to you while you gently lift, then either side by sliding the putty knife to your left, then over to your right, until you've progressed another inch or so. Rinse / Repeat! DO NOT ALLOW A CREASE TO TAKE HOLD IN THE MATTE - keep it as straight as possible.
+[* black] Another option is to heat the mat using a heat gun or hair dryer. This will loosen up the grip the tape has on the matte making it easier to peel off. The matte will trick you by making the process FEEL completely natural and free but it literally takes one extra foot lb of force to create that initial which will spread quicker than a cracked windshield - trust me, my first Apple TV disassembly yielded a torn rubber base matte.