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Cambios al paso #12

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[* red] The back of the motherboard hosts a [|Panasonic pan1316 RF module|new_window=true], promising the Pebble's [|advertised|new_window=true] Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality, powered by a Texas Instruments CC2564 Bluetooth Controller.
[* orange] After some dainty desoldering, the module's EMI shield is removed to surprisingly reveal a slightly different [|Texas Instruments CC2560A|new_window=true], that [|appears to not include BLE support|new_window=true].
[* black] [|Word on the street|new_window=true] was that Pebble had BLE functionality just waiting to be activated with a firmware update, but we can't find evidence of the hardware to back up this hidden potential.
[* icon_note] Pebble assures us that the update will be forthcoming, and explained that TI uses the same silicon for both the CC2560 and CC2564 parts—so despite the label on the chip, this actually is a CC2564, with BLE support.