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[title] Optional: Upgrade to Debian Linux 10, from Debian 9, from the Command Line.
[* black] To upgrade to Debian Linux 10 (from Debian 9), from the command line, is a relatively simple process that will not delete any user data. It also keeps the pre-loadeed drivers that Debian 9 has installed for the purpose of properly running the Linux kernel on the old-gen console.
[* black] It is recommended that you purchase 4 gigabytes (2x2GB) of DDR2 PC2-6400 for a quick and speedy Linux computer. It is fairly cheap, and (from [|this website [ebay]] starts at about $12.00 USD) 4 GB of RAM is beyond the specifications for running Debian 10 Linux, so 2 GB (2x1GB) of RAM is acceptable, Debian will just run better with 4 GB of RAM.
[* black] Press CTRL+ALT+F3, in order to enter the TTY x-window terminal. Sign in to SU by entering your username (when it prompts you to), then press enter, then your password (then press enter again)
[* black] Then, enter the command: ''vim /etc/apt/sources.list''. Then, press '':i'' once vim starts to edit the file. Replace all instances of ''stretch'' with ''buster'' by using the arrow keys to select the text. Then, after you have changed the file, you must save the file and exit vim by entering the command: '':x''
[* black] Now, after you have edited ''/etc/apt/sources.list'', and saved and exited vim and the file, run the command ''sudo apt-get update'' (this may take a while), then run ''sudo apt-get upgrade'' (this may also take a while), and, finally, run ''sudo apt-get full-upgrade''. Then you will have to wait, for quite a long time.
[* black] Now, remove extra/additional files, once the upgrade has finished with the command ''sudo apt --purge autoremove''. Now, try the command (it may or may not help with installation) ''sudo apt-get dist-upgrade''. That is the ''++really++'' long process. It could take an hour or more for this command to successfully finish.