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+[title] Installing Debian on your Acer Aspire 5740
+[* black] Since you have created the bootable medium on the last step, you can now proceed to the installation of Debian 9.
+[* black] Turn off your laptop. Turn it back on again and press rapidly press F2 while your laptop is starting up (You do not need to rapidly press it if you can time it right!)
+[* black] Since F2 will get you into the boot menu, change the boot order force USB booting to boot option one, with HDD/SSD as option two.
+[* black] Follow the instructions to your configuration.
+[* black] Now, turn your laptop off again, plug in your memory stick, and turn your laptop back on.
+[* black] When your computer starts up, the Debian GRUB first boot screen will pop up. Click either graphic install (If you do not want the boring regular install) or install.
+[* black] Clicking on the install options will install Debian 9 on your laptop. If you plan on connecting to 4G internet, I suggest installing Cinnamon, Debian, and GNOME. The GNOME desktop environment looks like Ubuntu. The Cinnamon desktop environment is Debian with a Windows 7 look.
+[* black] After you have let the install wizard do it's job, you will have to choose other packages that you may need or want. The installation usually takes about an hour and a half to complete. It is suggested to have an internet connection in order to be able to install additional packages. Good luck!

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