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[title] Creating BootabaleBootable Debian 9 Memory StickMedia
[title] Creating BootabaleBootable Debian 9 Memory StickMedia
[* black] Requirements: Memory stick of at least 4 GB At least 160 GB of space on a SSD
[* icon_note] To install Debian 9 to your Acer Aspire 5740, you need to download the ISO first. You can do this at
[* black] Note: This is the DIRECT download link. Click on the link and the ISO will be downloaded IMMEDIATELY!
[* icon_note] Next, you need to have software installed to your laptop that will unpack the Debian 9 ISO image. You can get Rufus from
[* black] Note; This is also the direct download link.
[* black] After you have installed Rufus to your Windows Vista laptop (you should not have mad any changes to your computer yet) you can choose the Debian 9 ISO image.
[* black] Eject your memory stick after Rufus has unpacked the ISO image so that you will be ready for the next step.
[* icon_note] Note: You need an internet connection to install Rufus. It is recommended to use an internet connection for installing Debian.