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Cambios al paso #3

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[* black] [guide|5071|Continuing|stepid=22952] [guide|8277|the|stepid=33139] [guide|11423|trend|stepid=40990], this iPad is glued shut. This isn't our first adhesive-riddled iPad, and we've been working to figure out how to make the painful opening process a lot easier.
[* black] Our heated-up [link||iOpener] lets us apply heat just where it's needed, softening the troublesome adhesive. Once we've snuck a few guitar picks in the seam, we're nearly home-free.
[* icon_note] We're happy to report that no iPads were cracked in the creation of this teardown. We [guide|5071|haven't always|stepid=22955] been so fortunate.
[* black] Be cautious in the lower left hand corner, to the left of the home button. The Home button cable assembly is now glued to the glass.