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Cambios al paso #5

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] route the new ignition module wires along the inside of the distributor, to the notch on the body.
[* black] Firmly press the new insulating seal in as show.
[* black] Slide the rotor back onto the distributor shaft making sure that the notch lines up an it presses all the way down.
[* black] Place the distributor cap back on top of the distributor in the same orientation it was removed, this is the only way it will properly fit.
[* black] Insert and tighten both distributor hold down screws.
[* black] Attach the black wire from the new ignition unit to the negative terminal on the coil, and the red wire to the positive terminal on the coil, but do not remove other wires attached to the coil.
[* black] It is important to ensure that the new ignition unit wires are secure and will not come in contact with any of the pulleys or the fan belt while driving.