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Cambios al paso #8

Editado por Shaun MacDonald

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Líneas de Paso

[* black] Depress the caliper piston.
[* black] The new brake pads are thicker than the old pads. Because of this, the caliper piston protrudes too far out to allow enough clearance for the caliper to be placed over the new pads.
[* black] Place an old brake pad over the caliper piston.
[* black] Place one end of the c-clamp jaw over the old pad. Place the other end of the jaw on the rear of the caliper. Tighten the c-clamp to push the piston back into the caliper.
[* black] '''Images''': We lack an image that clearly shows the brake caliper piston before the brake pad is placed over it. I suggest adding in the first picture in step 5. When that picture is included in this step, I suggest we zoom in on the caliper so that the hands are not visible.

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