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[* black] Here we see the stock schematic from the database.
[* black] In the next image we see the schematic used in the device. We see many values have changed.
[* black] The biggest change is that Rsc is 0.22ohms. This gives an Ipk of 1.36A, which gives an Iout Max of 0.68A. This is FAR from the quoted 1A.
[* black] Also, the input and output capacitors have been reduced in size to 10uF and 100uF respectively. This means that we will see MUCH larger ripple on the output. Possibly falling out of USB spec and putting our device at risk.
[* black] Quite simply, the device is a rebadged 500mA or 750mA USB charger at best. It is NOT 1A capable, despite what the sticker on the body says.

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