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[* black] Use a suction cup to lift one edge of the screen just slightly, creating a small gap between the display and the frame of the phone.
[* black] Insert an opening pick into the gap.
[* black] Carefully slide the opening pick around the perimeter of the phone to separate the adhesive.
[* icon_caution] If you plan to re-use the display, don't insert the opening pick more than a few millimeters into the phone, or you may damage the OLED panel underneath the glass.
- [* icon_note] If a shattered screen prevents the suction cup from obtaining an air-tight seal, covering the screen with packing tape may help the suction cup stick, and will also help secure glass shards and slivers. Additional heat and prying may be needed to separate the individual glass shards from the frame.
[* icon_note] You may need to slide the pick around the perimeter multiple times to fully separate the adhesive. Work slowly and carefully until the display begins to come free.
[* icon_caution] Gently lift the display, but don't try to fully detach it yet—it is still connected by a ribbon cable lying underneath.