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Cambios a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Screen Replacement Introducción

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Time Required Min
15 minutos
Time Required Max
15 minutos


  • iOpener heat retaining bag x1 The iOpener can be heated in the microwave and used to apply heat to the sides of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 or other similar devices. The heat helps to loosen up the glue that holds the screen in place for easier removal. (featured) added.
  • Suction Handle 1.75 inch in diameter x1 Used to help in removal of cell phone and tablet screens. added.
  • Plastic Opening Tool soft plastic x1 Used to safely pry open devices without damaging the screen, case, or any of the parts inside the device. added.
  • Tweezers Pointed x1 Used for picking up small screws and anything that can be hard to pinch and grab with your fingers. added.