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Cambios a Desmontaje del Fairphone 2 Introducción

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[ ]Fairphone 2 Teardown
You may have heard a lot about the new Fairphone 2—the small Dutch company has been making waves with its affordable, modular, conflict-free cell phone, and once [|again|new_window=true], we're one of the first to get our hands on their latest device. When we tore down the original Fairphone, we were pleased by its modularity and easy access. Today, we're excited to see what this second-generation, responsibly-designed device has in store for us. Join us as we ''[|join the movement!|new_window=true]'' [ … ] Want the inside scoop on all the newest tech? Check us out on [|Facebook|new_window=true], [|Twitter|new_window=true], and [|Instagram|new_window=true] to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the repair world.
[ ]We disassembled the Fairphone 2 in November of 2015.