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Cambios a 2011-2013 Scion tC Oil/Oil Filter Replacement Introducción

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Oil changes are an important part of maintaining any vehicle and to ensure your Scion’s longevity. Conventional oil changes should be done every 3000-5000 miles. If using synthetic oil, you should change it closer to every 5000-7000 miles. With a couple tools and the right supplies, changing your oil on a 2011-2013 Scion tC is not difficult.
With a couple common tools, the replacement filter and oil, changing your oil on a 2011-2013 Scion tC is not extremely difficult.

It is important to be cautious when changing your oil or anytime you are under a vehicle. Make sure your car is secure on jack stands or ramps before getting underneath.

It is best to do an oil change on a vehicle that had time to Also let the engine cool off, as before changing your oil so that the oil can be veryis not too hot and the oil has had time to return to the oil pan.
After purchasing the supplies and gathering the tools, follow this guide to replace the Oil and Oil Filter in your 2011-2013 Scion tC.
Note: Always check with the manufacturer or the manual provided with your vehicle to determine the proper oil weight to use.