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Cambios a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Teardown Introducción

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[ ]Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Teardown
It's been almost exactly a year since we tore down the [guide|24016|Galaxy S5], but Samsung has leaped light-years ahead with the design of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Only a teardown will tell if its glass-and-aluminum construction and curved-edge screen make it as future-proof as it is futuristic. Join us as we venture forth to the Edge of the (newest) Galaxy. [ … ] Don't get caught spacing out! Stay up to date with our latest repair news on [|Twitter|new_window=true], join our inner circle on [|Facebook|new_window=true], and check out our [|Instagram|new_window=true] for some shots that are out of this world. [ … ] [video|]
[ ]Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Teardown on April 6 2015.