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Cambios a iPod Touch 4th Generation Teardown Introducción

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This is one of three iPod teardowns this week! We're also taking apart the new [[Topic:iPod Nano 6th Generation|iPod Nano]] the moment, and we took apart the new [[Topic:iPod Shuffle 4th Generation|Shuffle]] yesterday. Stay in the loop [|on twitter] as the week progresses. [ … ] In case you missed it, last week we celebrated a major milestone. In addition to enabling Apple repair, we now have [link|/Game-Console-Parts|parts] and [[Topic:Game_Console|repair manuals for most game consoles]]! We decided to celebrate by taking a trip through time and ripping apart five [[Topic:Retro_Game_Console|retro consoles]]: [ … ] * '''[guide|3531|Magnavox Odyssey 100]''' released August 1975 * '''[guide|3527|RCA Studio II]''' released January 1977 * '''[guide|3541|Atari 2600]''' released October 1977 * '''[guide|3199|Nintendo Famicom]''' released July 1983 * '''[guide|3540|Nintendo Virtual Boy]''' released August 1995