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Cambios a Xbox 360 Preventative Maintenance Introducción

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[ ]Xbox 360
[ ]maintenance
[ ]Xbox 360 Preventative Maintenance
A lot of us have heard about the red ring of death, E74, and other hardware errors and a very common question is how do I prevent this from happening? [ … ] Well it's quite simple actually. It is very important that the systems are well ventilated. This includes other hot electronics to be away from your system. You want nice cool air to be brought into the system and hot air being blown out and away from it. We recommend six inches ALL around the console. [ … ] If you have dust build up in the system, the hot air can't escape due to a barrier of dust being built up on the heat sinks inside. Blow the system out once a month with a can of pressurized air that you use to clean your keyboard or any kind of pressured air that is strong enough to break up the dust build up. Some have used a strong vaccuum to suck the dirt out which will work as long as the suction is strong enough. [ … ] These are the two main factors that cause the errors. If you've done all this and the system fails, it is truly a hardware failure that you could not prevent from happening. All electronics fail sooner or later, nothing last forever.
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[ ]To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
[ ]To have your system run as long as possible, it's important to run a normal maintenance on your game console. Just follow these steps and it'll help the life of your console.


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