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[ ]rubber feet
[ ]Magic Trackpad Rubber Replacement/Reinsertion
The '''magic''' of the Magic Trackpad is its ability to physically click - while appearing to not have any moving parts. [ … ] The secret to the Magic Trackpad's clicking ability is in those innocuous looking round rubber feet on the bottom. They're not just there to be normal old rubber feet that merely provide grip to keep it from sliding around on your desk. And they're not entirely rubber, either. The rubber you see and feel protruding from the bottom is only a very thin and fragile sheath covering a hard plastic foot. [ … ] The feet need to be rigid: When you click the surface by pressing down on it these rubber/plastic feet are the only parts of the trackpad that '''*don't move*'''. [ … ] This guide will explain how to re-insert one (or both) of the Magic Trackpad's rubber feet
Sometimes, a rubber foot at the bottom of a magic track pad can begin to come out of place. This guide explains how put it back into its place. [ … ] The original rubber feet are not available from Apple but instead you can buy similiar parts at any tech or