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Cambios a Apple TV 1st Generation Lower Case Replacement Introducción

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Lower Case
Complete Dismantling for any internal work.
Installing Apple TV Lower CaseComplete Dismantling for any internal work.
Every repair that you will make to the Apple TV will begin with this simple guide showing you how to open the Apple TV.
The Apple TV is the sexiest digital TV appliance on the planet. One of its' alluring qualities is the glass top which serves two purposes: It dissipates heat and it helps make the Apple TV the shagging international machine of mystery that it is - tossing video files into and out of its love nest day in and day out like ... well ... like a Pro! Austin himself couldn't even think of comparing to this stallion! Don't make an enemy of the alluring OSX sub class by tarnishing his sex appeal ... Get the lil fella a CLEAN, SOFT, LINT FREE and DRY towel to lay down on your work surface. This will keep our little stallion free from scratches, marks, scuffs and any other unnecessary and embarrassing displays of carelessness.
To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
Whatever you need to do inside your Apple TV, you will need to start with this guide. Whether you're installing a new hard drive or replacing the motherboard, this is where you begin.