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Cambios a Cómo instalar un SSD de Mac en una carcasa OWC Envoy Pro Introducción

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How install a Mac SSD into an OWC Envoy Pro enclosur
OWC’s Envoy Pro enclosures allow you to repurpose a factory-installed Mac SSD as a portable external drive. Follow this guide to learn how to install your SSD into the enclosure.
If you still need to complete your SSD upgrade, find your Mac starting from [[Topic:Mac|this page|new_window=true]] and look for the ''SSD Replacement'' guide.
'''Note: OWC Envoy Pro enclosures are designed for use with factory-installed Mac Solid State Drives, and ''will not'' work with other PCIe replacement drives and adapters, including OWC’s own Aura Pro drive.'''
Once your drive is installed, you can [guide|119803|transfer data from it|new_window=true], or use Disk Utility to format it and [guide|119046|use it as a Time Machine backup|new_window=true].
This guide will show you how to install a factory-installed Mac SSD to one of OWC's Envoy Pro external SSD enclosures.