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Cambios a Vertical Blind Repairing Introducción

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[ ]Many houses, schools, apartments, restaurants have Vertical blinds. Most of the time those types of blinds tend to break or fall with the pass of the time. They are really easy to use and have a very good accessibility. We are used to recycling or substitute when something is breaking or in bad conditions. But, on this website, they gave us the idea to start fixing the stuff and not throwing it away or recycling them, because when we recycle not all of the material’s can be recycled fully and must be thrown away. So, we propose that this kind of blinds can be simply repairing. Just taking the blinds off and try to stick them and putting back into place. This required some materials, and this is an easy way to help the environment.
Time Required Min
1 minuto
5 minutos
Time Required Max
1 minuto
5 minutos


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