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Cambios a Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel D-pad Replacement Introducción

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Getting dead-zone drift? If you've dropped the controller, threw it at a wall in a post-loss rage, or assumed pressingpressed too hard up, down, left or right will makeduring your character move when it wasn't beforeepic gaming session, your D-pad may be broken. Dirt can accumulate from everyday use and soda spills can cause a sticky mess on the D-pad! This is a guide to replace the D-pad which involves removing the back panel and exposing the insides.
Is your D-pad not moving up, down, left or right when you want it and evidently preventing you from pwning noobs? Don't worry, it can be replaced!
This guide will show how to replace the black D-pad on the left handle of the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel.