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(I am not able to give pictures so please add some in if you do this.)

The WowWee MiPosaur is a dinosaur version of MiP, and is an interactive toy costing about $100. It comes with a Trackball, which has six different modes for MiPosaur. (A CHiP Smartball can confuse MiPosaur.) You turn a dial to change the mode.

This guide will show you how to fix a problem where the on/off switch is broken.

    • Flip your MiPosaur on its back. The device's power state does not matter.

    • Using a normal-sized Phillips screwdriver, remove the three screws securing the battery compartment, and pull it out.

    • Remove the screws on the right-hand side of MiPosaur with a small Phillips screwdriver.

    • Pry out the two tabs, one on MiPosaur's tail, one on his cheek, and remove the screws hidden under the tabs. Pull open your MiPosaur, but do not sever the large number of wires connecting the sides.

    • If you open your MiPosaur, the jaw mechanism may prevent it from closing again.


    • Remove the four screws holding down the motherboard and the two screws holding down the on/off board.

    • Lift up the motherboard and on/off board.

    • Press on the bottom of the blue on/off switch and lift it away. There is a second on/off switch connected directly to the on/off board.

    • (This guide was started by a 14-year-old. Feel free to make changes to this guide.)


To reassemble your device, do the following:

Set down the motherboard and secure it with the four screws.

Secure the on/off board with the two screws.

Press together the two halves of MiPosaur, and secure the halves with the remaining screws. Place the blue tabs back on the MiPosaur.

If the MiPosaur does not close, remove the two screws securing the jaw mechanism, and flip the MiPosaur over. The mechanism will slide out. Note that a magnet is attached to the jaw mechanism.

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