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Replacing a towel bar needs a guide because sometimes you can find yourself wanting to renovate your bathroom, replace an old rusty towel bar or have a loose towel bar. It could also be that the towel bar is small and you just want to replace it with a bigger one. Rusty bars lead to the metal sticking and not coming off easily. It is hard to take it off when renovation needs to be done, so it is better if towel bars are replaced before they catch rust. Instead of hiring someone to perform this very simple task and adding to your expense of home renovations, you can perform this task on your own. Doing it by yourself also gives a small sense of accomplishment. Now with this guide anyone with no knowledge of this task can do it themselves.


  1. Towel Bar Replacement, Towel Bar: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Measure the length of your current towel bar to make sure that your replacement towel bar is the correct size and will fit onto the same wall brackets.

  2. Towel Bar Replacement: paso 2, imagen 1 de 2 Towel Bar Replacement: paso 2, imagen 2 de 2
    • In most cases, you can remove the towel bar by removing the screws underneath the bar holders.

  3. Towel Bar Replacement: paso 3, imagen 1 de 1
    • Remove the towel bar from the wall brackets.

  4. Towel Bar Replacement: paso 4, imagen 1 de 1
    • Place the new towel bar on top of the wall brackets and make sure that the bar is level.

  5. Towel Bar Replacement: paso 5, imagen 1 de 2 Towel Bar Replacement: paso 5, imagen 2 de 2
    • Insert the screws into the holes beneath each bar holder.

  6. Towel Bar Replacement: paso 6, imagen 1 de 2 Towel Bar Replacement: paso 6, imagen 2 de 2
    • After inserting the screws, screw in both sides firmly. Your new towel holder should now be good to use.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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