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    • The removal of the power switch is quite simple. First, open the case by removing all the screws on the rear panel marked with an arrow. (ATTENTION: different lengths and thickness! - when unscrewing remember which screw belongs where.

    • Then carefully lift off the back panel. Disconnect cables that prevent the rear panel from lifting off. Now, use a pair of needle nose pliers to squeeze the retaining clips that hold the switch in the TV housing and unclip the switch from the TV housing. (if necessary, use a flat screwdriver)

    • You should have some electrotechnical knowledge so that you will be able to correctly position the connectors on the new switch will . Now just clip on the switch. Plug in the disconnected cables. Fit rear panel and screw in all screws again.

    • Names from the original switch: LECI RS601D more details 6 (4) A250VAC new line: 10A 125VAC - other side: 6A250VAC new line: 6A / 125A250VAC - My problem was that the power switch was broken and the TV could only be switched on sporadically.

    • On Ebay, the switch RS601D (as of June 2017), is available as an original from China. An alternative: Since I just had it on hand, I installed the following switch from Pollin: # 420427 (unfortunately, no indication of inrush current found)

    • Probably also suitable: Marquardt 1858.1103 rocker switch, black, plug-in 4.8 mm, 10 (4.0) A / 250 VAC, 6.0 (4.0) A / 250 VAC e.g. from Bürklin: # 11 G 2854 - € 1.94


As already mentioned - connect the cable to the new switch and snap the snap-in switch back into the housing. Replace the back panel and screw in the screws again where they were screwed out.

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