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  1. Sony NEX-7 Adjusting the Viewfinder's Focus, Sony NEX-7 Adjusting the Viewfinder's Focus: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Move the wheel up and down until the viewfinder focuses.


If the focus seems off, just readjust the dial until it looks right.

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i’m looking to replace the plastic capping that sits between the view finder (removable eye cup piece) and NEX-7 print capitals on top.

The part has 2 indents that press into 2 holes. It’s a small plastic cowling that punches in those holes in body. my part has broken. I have looked at schematics of the camera parts but haven’t been able to find that particular part. I wonder if it is available and where I might find it.

i would appreciate any help.

Many thanks!

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