Follow this guide for the process of replacing the CCD chip, which is responsible for converting light into digital images. For safety reasons, battery should be first removed.

  1. Locate the cover on the bottom of the camera.
    • Locate the cover on the bottom of the camera.

    • Slide the cover towards the back of the camera.

    • Be careful—the battery can slide out on its own.

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  2. Carefully remove the exposed battery.
    • Carefully remove the exposed battery.

      • If it is difficult to remove, flip over the camera and the battery will slide out.

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    • Locate and remove the 3mm screws on the bottom and sides of the camera with a JIS size #0 screwdriver.

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    • Pull the two halves of the camera apart.

    • Place the two halves down with the insides facing you.

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    • Find the two clips holding the motherboard to the black lens box.

    • Slide the plastic opening tool in between the ribbon and the black part of the clip, then flip it up. (If difficult, your fingernail can also be used)

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    • After releasing the clips, pull out the black lens box.

    • If the black lens box does not come out, go back to the previous step and make sure you released the correct clips.

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    • Locate and unscrew the two 3mm screws on the bottom of the black lens box with the JIS #0 screwdriver.

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    • With the tweezers remove the black tape to detach the chip from the lens box.

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    • Grab the chip with your thumbs and carefully pull it off.

    • The copper tab will be glued to the lens box. Be careful not to rip it.

      • The attached copper ribbons are part of the CCD chip.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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