This repair guide solves any rotation and vibration problems that the fan might have. The track at the bottom of the fan is the main source of rotation and vibration problems. Use the tear-down guide to remove all other components to get to the track.

Use a Philips #2 screwdriver to unscrew the four 6mm Phillips #0 back screws.
  • Use a Philips #2 screwdriver to unscrew the four 6mm Phillips #0 back screws.

  • Do this by unscrewing from left-to-right then pull the screws out of the back of the fan

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Pull the front and back cover apart.
  • Pull the front and back cover apart.

  • Be careful not to pull the front cover off completely because it holds the wires.

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  • Remove the Phillips (5-mm head) 6-mm screw that holds the circuit board to the outer shell of the fan.

  • Make sure the fan is unplugged while removing the circuit board as you may get shocked.

  • To remove the screws, unscrew in a left-to-right fashion at an angle to make sure that the wires do not get tangled.

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  • Remove the top cover containing the circuit board and the wires by pulling it away from the body of the fan.

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  • Remove the circuit board from the top cover. Do not touch the other side of the circuit board as you may damage circuit elements.

  • Unscrew the four screws on the top of the circuit board in a left-to-right fashion. After pull screws out of the board.

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  • In order to remove the fan blade pliers were used to remove the holding nut.

  • After the holding nut is loose, use the pliers to pull up to remove the nut.

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  • Remove the two bronze Phillips 29-mm bolts that hold the fan blade to the transformer.

  • Use a pair of pliers to hold the nut at the bottom of the transformer, as you unscrew from left-to-right at the top of the transformer. After, pull up and remove both the screw and nut.

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  • Next, remove the two silver Phillips (8-mm head) 40-mm screws from the transformer.

  • Remove screws by pulling them away from the base.

  • The transformer should be free after this step.

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  • Clean the track, removing any obstructions.

  • Lubricate the track with grease.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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