Inexpensive acquired camera that has a broken LCD. This is a relative easy and straight forward task.

Here is a recently acquired camera. Initial cost $3.00
  • Here is a recently acquired camera. Initial cost $3.00

  • Only trouble is, obviously broken LCD

  • Remove the carrying strip. Use a needle and some tweezers to loosen the slip knot.

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Remove one screw on the right of the camera
  • Remove one screw on the right of the camera

  • Remove one screw on the left side of the camera

  • Remove the two screws on the bottom

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  • Split the camera from the battery compartment down. You can use an opening tools, or just your fingernails, if so equipped.

  • This will remove the front part of the case.

  • Remove this screw on the right side of the camera. Keep it separate from the 4 screws previously removed. The are of different length

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  • Remove the screw on the bottom of the battery compartment. Keep this screw with the one removed on the previous step. These two screws have a different length than all the other screws. They are the shortest ones in the camera

  • With those two screws removed, you can not separate the back part of the case.

  • Flip the LCD to the right and out of the frame. Do NOT try to remove it yet.

  • Remove the screw screws that hold the LCD frame to the logic board. Keep the 3 screws separated from the rest of the screws, due to different length.

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  • With the frame removed, the connector and LCD cable are now fully accessible. Note the to tabs on the cable and their position on the logic board.

  • Flip the tab on the connector carefully up and remove the LCD.

  • Hopefully this is what you will get after replacing the LCD and reassembling the camera in reverse order. Total replacement cost was $15 and 30 minutes of my time.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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