How to remove & replace the phone's ear speaker.

Orient the phone with the screen facing down.
  • Orient the phone with the screen facing down.

  • Using your thumb, slide the back panel away from the camera to expose the battery.

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Grip the battery on its sides, opposite the direction of the white arrow.
  • Grip the battery on its sides, opposite the direction of the white arrow.

  • Pry the battery up. It will pivot at the end with the white arrow. The battery will now be free.

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  • Remove the 6 outer screws.

    • The screws should be 3.5 mm in length.

  • Put the screws in a safe place as they are very small and easy to lose.

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  • Snap off back the cover by gently prying around the top and bottom edges with a flat head screwdriver.

    • It may help to slide the touchscreen upwards when removing the back panel.

  • The side buttons will become loose and are prone to fall out, so put these in a safe place.

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  • To free the circuit board, remove the black wire that is holding it down.

    • You can remove the wire by gently prying up the gold terminator that is attached to the green circuit board. A gentle tug is all it will take.

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  • The circuit board will still be held on by a blue and black ribbon that is removed by gently pulling it upwards.

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  • Remove the two base screws along the edge of the silver piece, where you just removed the black end piece.

    • The screws are 2.7mm in length.

  • The bottom black end cap will snap out.

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  • Remove 6 screws holding the silver plate on.

    • 2.7mm in length

  • The keys will peel right out of the screen side of the phone.

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  • The silver piece you are left with is the physical keyboard assembly.

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  • Remove the 3 screws holding down the flex cable.

    • The screws are 2.0 mm in length.

    • The screw that goes through the circle port on the flex cable is longer at 2.3mm long.

  • The keyboard slider frame will come off and the flex cable exposed, but not free.

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  • Remove 4 outer screws.

    • The screws are 3.5mm in length.

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  • Slide the phone apart, and remove a 5th screw (3.5 mm).

  • Remove the outer shell by prying the edges off with your fingers, or a small screwdriver. (second image, taken before the image for above instruction)

  • The device will now be in two pieces

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  • Lift the tab underneath the blue tape and gently pull the flex cable.

  • The flex cable will now be completely free.

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  • Remove the single screw.

    • This screw is 2.25 mm in length.

  • Lift the black tab at the end of the ribbon.

  • Gently pull the speaker and ribbon free.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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