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Is your screen cracked or not displaying images correctly? Replacing the screen may solve your problems.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Screen  Replacement, Screen: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Working on your device while it is turned on may result in an electric shock. Be sure to shut down and unplug your device before you begin.

    • Removing the screen may be difficult due to strong adhesives.

    • Apply heat to all the seams of the device using an iFixit iOpener or heat gun in order to loosen the adhesive around the edges of the screen.

    m.E. wichtig vorher die Kartenhalter für SIM und SD entfernen, sonst löst sich der Kontakt unkontrolliert bei Schritt 6.

    Frank Huebner - Contestar

    You make no mention of re-Glueing the screen, just applying the steps in reverse order - does that mean simply applying heat again will re-glue the components from the residue?

    Robin Penny - Contestar

    i replaced the battery, the sticky tape did hold up again, but if you replace the screen it depends on whate side the tape sticks to. On ine the most part of the tape stuck to the screen.

    Steffen Hahn -

    I know its 2020 but i cracked my screen and idk if its on or not

    benjamin burkowski_FaZe - Contestar

  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Screen  Replacement: paso 2, imagen 1 de 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Screen  Replacement: paso 2, imagen 2 de 2
    • Insert the plastic opening tool into the gap on the side of the tablet, near a corner where you want to start removing the screen.

    • Place the small suction cup on the screen near the corner that the plastic opening tool is placed.

    • Lift the small suction cup up while pushing down with the plastic opening tool to remove screen (you may need to have someone else hold the device down for proper leverage).

    • A ribbon cable is attached to the back of the screen. Avoid lifting or moving the screen more than 3-4 inches before disconnecting the ribbon cable or you could damage the device.

    The lower portion of the screen is glued to the body. The screen is unable to be completely removed.

    Chad Naville-Cook - Contestar

    That blue plastic tool doesn’t work

    Jarred - Contestar

    starte oben, unten verhindert eine Nase an dem Audioanschluß das erste anheben.

    start upside, downside a nose at the audio connector prevents the first lifting.

    Frank Huebner - Contestar

  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Screen  Replacement: paso 3, imagen 1 de 1
    • A piece of silver tape is placed over the gold ribbon cable connecting the screen to the tablet.

    • Use the tweezers to carefully remove the silver tape.

    Hi. My SM T 815 (Tab 2) flickers and switches off. The screen is still fine. Well atleast it looks fine. But it doesn’t switch on. Could it be the reflex cable? Why is it doing this? And how can it be solved?

    Thabo - Contestar

  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Screen  Replacement: paso 4, imagen 1 de 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Screen  Replacement: paso 4, imagen 2 de 2
    • With the plastic opening tool gently lift to disconnect the gold ribbon cable that attaches the screen to the base tablet.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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15 comentarios

How about removing just the screen from the digitizer

nevillenicol - Contestar

I agree, is removing the glass from the digitizer similar to samsung phones like the s4 and s5?

bhayden75 - Contestar

Where do you get a new screen if the one you have is cracked

aleclittlelebronjameson - Contestar

You can get a screen from Ebay or do a Google search. But the cost is half the cost of the tablet. So its around $200+

jamarjynr -

Actually I found that your could buy a non damaged tablet working fully for $150 USD and it was/is $259 for the complete screen assembly. So basically it's $100 cheaper if you just buy another tablet than it is to buy a replacement screen for the SM-T810. Ridiculous I know. I let the seller of the screen know about his silly price (in a nice way) but he would not budge. I also could not find any other listing on ebay or Amazon for that model he was the only seller with that part. It's better to just curse the tablet and move on and buy a newer tablet which would likely cost less and do more than the tab 2

machv5 -

individual parts usually more expensive for whatever reason (the sellers won’t come down as they are that expensive-so repairs take a backseat and folks go out and buy new devices…unless of course you can fix it yourself successully)

s ner -

Is there a way to replace only the glass for 50 dollars instead of replacing the whole lcd for 200?

tamasszebeni - Contestar

There were a few more sources that were selling just the touch screen glass but I did not check 2 see if the tab 2's touch screen & digitizer are fused together with UV glue. Which if it is would make the repair far more tricky to complete successfully. Requiring a heat gun good manual dexterity various pry tools & a digital thermometer to get a surface reading so you don't cook the lcd during the repair, but get it hot enough so the glue turns back into a liquid. Or you can buy a machine that makes separating the screen easier but only performs that one task of screen separation. Not worth the expense unless you plan on making a living in screen repair. And you'll need solvents to remove all the old glue, new UV glue and a black light to set the glue once you pair the new touch screen to the old LCD. Another tricky routine that needs to be done properly & has a small amount of forgiveness for sloppy work.. Much better to beat the tab 2 with a hammer and work out some frustrations and buy a new tablet by far.

machv5 -

My son dropped his and it landed flat face down...screen shattered...can't find a screen to buy anywhere in australia and the two places who claim they can repair it want a $100 less than a new one.....last time i buy a samsung's a disgrace they don't look after their customers...

john higgins - Contestar

Really? Try dropping an iPad and see if you can get it repaired cheaper.

jaspchew -

the screen and the digitizer are bonded by 4-5 strips of tape

m m - Contestar

the 4-5 strips of tape are between the digitizer AND the screen frame with the main body/carrier. It appears that there are 1-2 adhesive sheets/stickers between the digitizer and the screen itself.

s ner -

Any idea on how the screen assembly is glued to the frame of the tablet? After a LCD change by a service center now my whole screen falls out of the frame.

Gabor - Contestar


i have a samsung s2 SM-T818W(WiFi + Cellular ). Do you think that wifi and wifi + celluar models have same lcd or different?

Altamesh Maknojia - Contestar

do you need to replace the double stick tape around the screen. if so what mm with (1, 2 or 5?) I need to replace my USB port and have to access screws behind the screen to remove the circuit board.

Joe Dunbar - Contestar

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