Use this guide to replace the motherboard in your Samsung Galaxy Note II.

  1. Grasp the end of the stylus and remove it from its slot in the midframe.
    • Grasp the end of the stylus and remove it from its slot in the midframe.

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  2. Pry with a plastic opening tool, or your fingernail, in the divot to the left of the rear-facing camera, near the power button.
    • Pry with a plastic opening tool, or your fingernail, in the divot to the left of the rear-facing camera, near the power button.

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    • Lift the rear case by the corner nearest the divot and remove it from the phone.

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    • If you have an SD card inserted, use the flat end of a spudger, or your fingernail, to press the microSD card slightly deeper into its slot until you hear a click.

    • After the click, release the card and it will pop out of its slot.

    • Remove the microSD card.

    • For reassembly, push the microSD card into the slot until it clicks in place.

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    • Insert a plastic opening tool, or your finger, into the notch of the battery compartment and lift the battery upward.

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    • Remove the battery from the midframe.

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    • Remove the eleven 4.0 mm Phillips #00 screws securing the midframe to the display assembly.

    In my phone some of the screws are litterally not ot turn - I screwed up one of the heads - be careful!

    erich zalcmann - Contestar

    I have 2 note 2 phones model #: SGH-I317M. I have a broken screen that does not display in my note 2 but my brother's note 2 is working perfectly. Can I either transfer the motherboard in MY note 2 to my brothers note 2 or swap the broken screen with the new screen in my brother's note 2 ? Thanks. Reach me at

    An Mac - Contestar

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    • Insert your plastic opening tool between the midframe and front panel assembly on the side of the phone.

    • Slide the plastic opening tool down the seam.

    I didn't have an opening tool, so I used a stiff guitar pick. Worked like a charm.

    evanjpederson - Contestar

    for best result without any scratches or breaking frame, open the frame on table (solid), don't open on hand.

    Chovav Sutachy - Contestar

    • Continue to run the plastic opening tool down the seam.

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    • Carefully pry around the corner with a plastic opening tool.

    The screen cracked using that plastic tool.

    hell0allis0n - Contestar

    • Pry along the top of the phone with a plastic opening tool.

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    • Push the plastic opening tool down to free the corner of the midframe from the display assembly.

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    • Free the clips along the power button side of the phone.

    • Lastly, free the two clips along the top and bottom edge of battery compartment.

    Start with the top clip. You can see it located next to the three battery connectors. Insert the spludge from the side gently to push, the clip should go off.

    Once this clip is off, the bottom battery clip can be unclipped simply by gently moving the two pieces apart.

    anonymous 4780 - Contestar

    Gan kalok bluetooth hp saya sama wifi nya nggak bisa nelusurin jaringan apa nya yg rusak apa gara gara udah di root

    aryadana55 -

    If you're primarily following the pictures, as I was, you might be frustrated that your display assembly isn't popping off. Unfortunately, a vital step was listed in the instructions but not photographed:

    "Lastly, there are two clips along the top and bottom edge of battery compartment that also hold the display assembly in place."

    alimac70117 - Contestar

    • Lift the display assembly out of the midframe.

    unblock the edge at the middle-up of the battery compart!

    Giorgio - Contestar

    • Use a spudger to disconnect the vibrator/power button assembly cable connector.

    • Disconnect the antenna cable connector.

    • Disconnect the display cable connector.

    Dear Sirs,

    My Galaxy Note II is completely dead due to lightning in the house. I guess there is a fuse or a protection somewhere but I can not find it. Can you help ? Thanks in advance, Jose

    Jose - Contestar

    One idea would be to track backwards, i.e. check to see if current is reaching from the charge port to the mainboard. Looking at the following picture it seems like the fuse is - as expected - located right by the USB port. If you're lucky it could be as easy as replacing the charging board, a $10 component.

    hakro807 -

    My Note II LTE does not have the antenna cable like here

    Bubbele - Contestar

    • Disconnect the front-facing camera cable connector.

    • Disconnect the headphone jack cable connector.

    • Disconnect the digitizer cable connector.

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    • Use the spudger to disconnect the antenna cable connector from the motherboard.

    • Disconnect the soft button cable connector.

    • Disconnect the USB board cable connector.

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    • Remove the 3 mm Phillips #00 screw securing the motherboard to the display assembly.

    Is it possible to replace my Note II N7105 motherboard to N7100? Is there some negative effects happen, if i did it?

    Eduardo Lucas III - Contestar

    • Gently remove the motherboard.

    • Hold the motherboard by its edges to prevent ESD damage. Be careful not to snag it on any cables as you extract it from the display assembly.

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    • Use a spudger to disconnect the rear-facing camera assembly cable connector.

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    • Use tweezers, or your fingers, to remove the rear-facing camera assembly.

    Bang kalau sering panas terus mati sendiri nanti panasnya dingin nyala layani tanpa di pegang lampunya redup kayak hp..... Yang kacannya lama warna...pudar...tapi jelas..Nanti terang sendiri.... Itu apanya ya bang....servis.... Nanya dulu berapa ongkosnya.... Sekali lagi saya nanya dulu..... Ya bang....

    Hamba Allah - Contestar

    Sekali lagi saya nanya dulu ya bang servis....

    Hamba Allah - Contestar


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hello Fellas,

My Note 2 has a busted wifi, bluetooth, and gps (it attempts to turn on the wifi but never actually does). I suspect it is a hardware issue since I have factory reset my phone (didn't fix the problem) and even updated the drivers on my phone. It seem to be a common problem with this phone. The only solution I have found online is to wack the back of my phone until the signal is fixed. This is a good temporary fix but the problem returns after a day or two (sometimes within hours). I was hoping I could maybe replace the wireless signal piece of hardware and finally fix my phone. Could someone point out the correct hardware piece, please. (btw: I do receive regular phone calls , text , and 4g data)

Thank you, Kevin

darknessaid - Contestar

Great job Sam!

Just one question: What are the steps after Step 21?

It seems to end suddenly...

Secondly, where can I but a Note 2 motherboard?

Fuz - Contestar

Hey Fuz!

The guide ends at step 21, because the camera is the last thing to come off of the old motherboard, it will then be the first thing to go back on the replacement motherboard. All you have to do is follow the steps in reverse to reassemble the device. Unfortunately we don't sell the Note II motherboard right now, but a quick search on eBay brings up quite a few options!

Sam Lionheart -

Hi, Does it possible to change mainboard of an old Note II to access at the LTE 4G (with a new motherboard).

Djoul - Contestar

I have aproblem that wi fi dont work regularly.

It somtimes works, but suddenly stops to work

I make software, then abig broblem started....local web +wi fi did not work

So, what is the solve?please?

Aboutaim - Contestar

there seem to be several model numbers . I am guessing each provider has their own model number.

My Question is can I use a new board for sprint on my at&t phone and if so will I have just unlock the new board to use with any sim card ????

many thanks

rotagen - Contestar

my Note 2 has died and I was told that I would need a new board. could I use a board for a different provider and just unlock the new board ??

it seems that each provider has their own unique model number. are they basically all the same just registered to each provider ? I really want to get my note 2 back up and running it is a great phone and will back up my new note 5

rotagen - Contestar

Just to add in, I completed this guide with a N7105 and the antenna placement is slightly different. I only had to remove one antenna, one along the thin part of the motherboard. And when removing the front from the backplate, there are 2 clips near the battery compartment that latches itself onto the front, use the spudger to remove these 2 parts. This is very important. It's my first time opening this phone so this caught me offguard. Other than that, this guide is fairly decent considering the amount of note 2 variants available.

hidirj - Contestar

That’s right the same as with my Note 2, I Couldn’t get the cover off because of the 2 extra clips. And only one antenna cable

Sjaak C -

my Note 2 does not show anything on the screen the blue/red led lights up and it does work as the vibrate works and it vibrates to indicate battery low any ideas?

Murtaza Nasir - Contestar

I broke my note 2 n replaced the screen I now loose reception n cant get wifi it wont turn on any suggestions

tracy - Contestar

Replaced both screens got cell back crap reception kept loosening it wifi wou not turn on at all they cant now fix said to replace motherboard any suggestions

tracy - Contestar

It a note 2 by the way

tracy - Contestar

Don't you lose the IMEA number by simply replacing the motherboard? I'd like to fix my broken acceleromter and even upgrade to 32GB, but doesn't seem worth it if I have to hack the IMEA just to move it from the broken mob.

phonefixing - Contestar

Doesn't replacing the motherboard cause the IMEI to be lost?

phonefixing - Contestar

Hi.. Is it possible to exchange one n7100 motherboard with another ones's? Since one is not turning on and the other one has a cracked screen.

Gusty - Contestar

As I switch on my Samsung note 2,it stucks on showing! Samsung!on the screen. The default screen is not shown at all.I took my phone to Samsung service centre but they said its motherboard is to be replaced. Kindly solve my problem

Shakeel Shan - Contestar

This guide is very helpful - thank you

Bubbele - Contestar

Sir my note 2 don't have 4g support. Can I change motherboard with other note 2 lte variants cuz some models support 4g ? If possible suggest me how?

Nippy Preet - Contestar

can i replace n7100 motherboard with n7105 fr enabling 4G ??

shobbystar - Contestar

my note 2 n7100 motherboard broken...need to change.. is it posibble to me upgrade the board to n7015 lte 4G..? kindly need your expert feedback...tq

AshrafWanie 90 - Contestar

yes you can change the motherboard of n7105 to n7100 but have to do some alterations to the middle body frame so thatthe motherboard sits in the frame perfectly

Tarun 6417 (stylish star) - Contestar

As I switch on my Samsung note 2,it stucks on showing! Samsung!on the screen. The default screen is not shown at all.I took my phone to Samsung service centre but they said its motherboard is to be replaced. Kindly solve my 

Warish Shah - Contestar

My note 2 had SOD error after I download a stock rom for Spain area to flash. My Note 2 is for Vietnam area. When I push power button to tempararily turn off screen, sometimes I cannot wake up the phone from deep sleep even press all buttons. I have to restart the phone to wake it up. I did all reset factory, up stock rom... Even I also changed mother board but the SOD error still happens. Could you help me to determine that is there any hardware or software issue affected to that error?

I did flashing stock rom but still have.

I changed mother board but still have.

What could I do more with the phone?

BlackDiamond2308 - Contestar

my samsung note 2 has a touch screen issue,,i opened it a few times and for a brief few minutes the touch works until i put cover back on. any tips on having touch working besides the spen?

jlid2 - Contestar

My samsung galaxy note2 won't stay charge even though it plug in. What can I do?

Barbara Jean Smith - Contestar

I replaced the motherboard but the screen looks very dull, it doesn't have good resolution. Is it motherboard issue? or firmwire? Can anything be done to fix it?

AnBa - Contestar

Hey my samsung note 2 needs a new motherboard amd i ordered one on ebay but its a used one from china. How effective does it work and how do i reflash it?

Tonia Toussaint - Contestar

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