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thank you so much i have been locked out of my tablet for months now

zeidi - Contestar

Il existe de nombreuses raisons pour mot de passe oublié tablette samsung, ainsi que de nombreuses méthodes différentes, mais vous voudrez peut-être qu'un tiers déverrouille votre téléphone, car il s'agit du moyen le plus simple, le plus rapide et le plus simple pour faire le travail. .

Jakcoaio -

for ALL that come here READ this: scroll up to under the video and click “video source”. This takes you to original on youtube. Good. Now scroll down below the vid to the description. Click on “show more”. READ. It explains very specifically near the end. I was not having success until I read and did, Viola!! It worked. I personally screen shot it to save to my other info for this device. Thought I would come back here to tell others that come here one day in the future what i found and can get it and not end up being frustrated. Good luck to all. The original poster here should have mentioned to seek out the original video. Bogus!!! “Fixit” did a terrible job.

Barb Smith -

Hi - I have tried this but it won't let me highlight the wipe data / factory reset line. It skips from the one above to the one below ... help??

Sandra - Contestar

Then you select the factory reset line with volume button, you press smoothly the power on button .

Kannan -

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