We will unscrew the bottom faceplate, then remove the base to access the internal components.

  1. Place the computer monitor face down on a safe, harmless surface.
    • Place the computer monitor face down on a safe, harmless surface.

    • Using a Phillips #00 screw driver, remove the four 6.86 mm screws from the metal plate.

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  2. Remove the metal plate from bottom of the iMac G4.
    • Remove the metal plate from bottom of the iMac G4.

    • The four screws do not completely separate from the metal plate.

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    • Release the tabs on each side of the module by simultaneously pushing each tab away from the RAM.

    • These tabs lock the module in place and releasing them will cause the module to "pop" up.

    • Remove the RAM module from the iMac.

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    • Use a spudger to lift and remove the AirPort's antenna connector.

    • This step is only applicable to iMacs that came with an AirPort card installed.

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    • Remove the four 28.07mm Torx #15 screws from the lower case.

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    • Open the base by carefully pulling straight off, do not rotate the cover.

    • Open slowly to ensure that no cables are damaged or disconnected.

    You can skip steps 7-9; there is no need to disconnect any internal wiring or RAM. Crack open the base a couple of inches (it doesn't really rotate, just pull it out), and the PRAM battery will be right under your nose. It's no problem to pop it out with your fingers and put the new one in. Just make sure that you note the positive and negative terminals on the old one, and put the new one in the same way.

    whshep - Contestar

    No one mentioned the need for thermal paste in the reassembly...

    Federico Jimenez -

    Thermal paste? Where would you put that? As I understand it there's no need for that anywhere other than the CPU/Heatsync

    Steven Hatch -

    There's a post (or block really) that connects the cpu heatsink to the upper part of the metal shell that is just to the right (facing the imac) of the drive door. Upon reassembly it's best to clean the matching surfaces and reapply thermal paste to that upper post.

    Joe Pena -

    what's with the apparent loose black wire visible in step 6 & 7 ?? same as the loose wire just sitting there in step 3 ( which was like that on mine, just loose.....? )

    rickcee44 - Contestar

    I hear that wire is bluetooth hook up.. my model has the other side but my board doesn't have the hook up... go fig :(

    sean -

    • Squeeze the small black tab and wiggle gently to remove the colored power cable.

    • Do not pull directly on the colored wires.

    • Do not remove black grounding wire.

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    • Grab both sides of the blue connector and firmly pull to remove it from the mother board.

    • Do not pull directly on the ribbon cable.

    It's a bit vague. That is, it explains where and how the memory module fits, but most importantly it does not. What type of DIMM memory it has to be and its speed as well as the process of not touching hands with the gold connectors of the memory module

    Carlos Sousa - Contestar


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do I need to apply thermal paste? Or it is not necessary?

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