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Reemplazo de pasta térmica de PlayStation 4 Pro CUH-7200

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Not all PS4 Pro models look like this one. Some of them have an X clamp rather than the S clamp. You'll need to adjust some of the advice to fit the way your PS4 Pro is built.

commorancy - Contestar

Did this fix, and now my PS4 Pro won't boot. It was working before, but was getting pretty hot (though not overheating) and the fan was running loud. Followed the guide, put it back together, and now it will beep once, show a blue light for a second, and then does nothing. I've tried loosening screws on the back of the APU. I've tried smacking it gently. I've tried a cold start from all residual power being drained. I've ensured all cables are properly connected. Any advice on what could have gone wrong here? I know I didn't fry the motherboard. I work on computers and laptops professionally, but this is just baffling to me.

William Hodge - Contestar

Did you drop the motherboard? It could have broken a solder joint under the APU. If not maybe the 2 prongs on the motherboard that plug into the power supply got bent or ripped off. Or maybe you didn't plug the power supply in. The one-second blue light of death is usually caused by the system getting the 12-volt current from the wall, but not getting the 5-volt current from the motherboard ( the little cable that connects both ). Good luck!

System-Repair-Dude -

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