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Reemplazo de la batería del teclado inalámbrico de Apple

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  1. Reemplazo de la batería del teclado inalámbrico de Apple, bateria: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Usa una moneda para quitar la tapa del compartimiento de la batería.

  2. Reemplazo de la batería del teclado inalámbrico de Apple: paso 2, imagen 1 de 2 Reemplazo de la batería del teclado inalámbrico de Apple: paso 2, imagen 2 de 2
    • Deslice las dos (tres en la generación anterior) pilas AA de repuesto en el compartimento de la batería. Verifique que los terminales positivos y negativos estén orientados hacia la orientación correcta.


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5 comentarios

This works great - as long as the batteries inside did not leak and create a permanent seal for the cap. I managed to get the keyboard working again by removing the batteries through the electronics compartment (remove grey center cover, slide electronics out). It did take some effort (including driving a screw into the stuck battery and yanking it out with pliers) to remove the stuck batteries and all the remains of the leakage, but I ended up with a working keyboard. Only thing is that I need to use the 'backdoor' every time my batteries need replacing, since the battery cover is permanently sealed...

Otto - Contestar

Also have a perma sealed battery cover. Poured vinegar in from middle and let soak over night. Wanna drill into coin slot to try and remove cover but need to get batteries out first. Can I just remove the one screw from logic board and disconnect ribbon cable, to have it slide out the power button end? How careful w cable? Looks like it has 2 tiny clips, do these need to be addressed or can I just pry it off?

William Shouse -

Warm the area where battery screw cover is in a stream of hot water from the faucet. Be careful not to get water into the keyboard or keys. The warmth will sometimes expand the aluminum enough to loosen the screw cover. Worked for mine.

Greg M - Contestar


worked well. Had to push old battery out from electronics cover area. Keyboard working again :)

tankapoet - Contestar

It’s possible, but how can I get it? I am in somali country please help me

saalix49 - Contestar

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