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Sigue esta guía para quitar o reemplazar la bandeja del SIM de tu iPhone 6s.

  1. Reemplazo de la bandeja del SIM en iPhone 6s, Bandeja del SIM: paso 1, imagen 1 de 2 Reemplazo de la bandeja del SIM en iPhone 6s, Bandeja del SIM: paso 1, imagen 2 de 2
    • Inserta la herramienta de expulsión del SIM o un clip de papel en el pequeño agujero en la bandeja del SIM.

    • Presiona para expulsar la bandeja.

    • Esto puede requerir un cantidad significativa de fuerza.

    Anyone ever have the lever on these break? I’m in the process of removing logic board to remove a stuck SIM card

    aburningstariv - Contestar

    I am baffled by the representation that this task requires 1-2 hours. I’ve spent at least 16 hours so far, and I’ve just gotten to the point of applying the adhesive around the perimeter of the case. I’ve done DIY with many gadgets, with cars, electricity, plumbing, painting, carpentry, masonry, and so forth, so it’s not a matter of inexperience, incompetence, or my having ten thumbs. While I am being very deliberate in this work, since this is the first time I’ve opened up a smartphone, and even tiny errors can seriously damage the phone, that doesn’t begin to account for the enormous discrepancy regarding the time this takes. Are other commenters being boastful, afraid to admit how long this is taking them, or what?

    Robin Nerode - Contestar

    It's not a realistic time- I have done 3 apple devices before. After about 4 months EVERYTHING was forgotten and it was like my first time again. Took me a few hours, but i cut corners.

    mxcombust -

  2. Reemplazo de la bandeja del SIM en iPhone 6s: paso 2, imagen 1 de 1
    • Retira la bandeja del SIM del iPhone.

    • Cuando vuelvas a insertar la tarjeta SIM, asegúrate que lo haces en la orientación correcta conforme a la bandeja.


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are the sim trays on the IPhone 6 and 6plus inter-changeable?

lawrencemorton361 - Contestar


Dorothy Boyd - Contestar


Neveark -

not helping this is awsome good show and tell

Shaniyah Robinson - Contestar

Thank you for helping me out in replacing the sim tray. You are my hero of today ;)

Matteo - Contestar

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