This guide show you how to remove and replace the Palm Centro's speakers


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Press and slide open the battery cover.
  • Press and slide open the battery cover.

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Caution: Turn cell phone off before removing battery!
  • Caution: Turn cell phone off before removing battery!

  • Press battery to the right.

  • Then lift up battery pack to remove.

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  • Phone with battery removed

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  • Remove the touchpad pen from the top left corner on the back to reveal the last of 6 screws to be removed.

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    • Lift the rubber cap at the top right to reveal the sixth screw.

    • Caution: There is a small Palm sticker under the rubber cap. Tampering with or removing this sticker will void your warranty!

    • Remove the six screws using the T5 Torx screwdriver.

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  • Remove the SIM card so housing can be separated.

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  • Use a plastic pry tool to separate the bottom of the case to remove the small plastic insert.

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  • Remove the small plastic insert at the bottom of the phone.

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  • Continue with plastic pry tool all the way around the phone to remove the back housing.

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  • Carefully peel back the tape holding the speaker (left) and keyboard (right) connection tabs in place.

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  • Using the plastic prying tool, lift the tabs and carefully pull the contact connections out on both sides.

    • Be very careful, these electronics are delicate!

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  • Separate the logic board from the case by lifting and pulling out the bottom.

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  • Pry the four plastic latches free that connect the antenna to the logic board.

    • Excessive force may damage your logic board!

  • Remove the antenna from the logic board.

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  • The internal speaker is attached to the antenna. To remove it, pry the speaker from the antenna using the tip of your screwdriver.

    • The speaker should be placed back into its spot in the correct position. Take notice of the gold connectors

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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