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Oneplus 3 Headphone Set Replacement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hello. I would like a tutorial on how to repair buton power? And if it is a power buton that will break easily?

Because on my moto G 1st Gen my buton power broke, but I can not repair it because I need to do micro welding. So I want to know if it is the same or if it will break easily as on my moto G.


Gabriel BEck - Contestar

Sorry, I don't know the exact situations on Moto G.But on my Moto G(4st Gen) is broken easily. I mean the button out of the device. By the way,the tutorial you needed is for OnePlus 3 or Moto G 1st Gen?And the button is out side of the phone or inside?

Witrigs - Contestar

Can you provide a new link for the headphone jack spare part? The link given is 404

Greg Wilkinson - Contestar

Important. Please put at the top of this review that there are TWO TYPES of headphone jack replacement parts for these phones. I bought revision 2 when I should have bought revision 1. Otherwise the connectors will not line up.

Samuel Godbold - Contestar

How can I know which one to buy?

bY cHiNo -

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