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Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement

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  1. Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement, Rear Case: paso 1, imagen 1 de 2 Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement, Rear Case: paso 1, imagen 2 de 2
    • First, remove the stylus from your tablet.

  2. Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 2, imagen 1 de 3 Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 2, imagen 2 de 3 Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 2, imagen 3 de 3
    • Set the tablet so the buttons, microSD, and stylus port are facing you.

    • Open the microSD slot.

    • Using the flat end of the spudger tool, carefully pry open the case starting from the microSD slot, slowly sliding the spudger along the inside edge of the case.

    • You may want to put on your anti-static wrist strap at this point as the motherboard will be vulnerable to physical touch and electrostatic shock after the casing is removed.

  3. Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 3, imagen 1 de 2 Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 3, imagen 2 de 2
    • As you remove your case, be aware of small clips along the edges.

    • Finally, set the old casing aside.

  4. Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement, Battery: paso 4, imagen 1 de 2 Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement, Battery: paso 4, imagen 2 de 2
    • Make sure to rotate your tablet so the large silver battery is closest to you.

    • Using the large plastic opening tool, slowly remove the tape surrounding the battery.

    • When removing the battery, be sure to use your anti-static wrist strap.

  5. Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 5, imagen 1 de 2 Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 5, imagen 2 de 2
    • Wedge the large plastic opening tool under the battery.

    • Slowly continue lifting the battery using the plastic opening tool around the perimeter of the battery until the battery is completely separated from the tablet.

    Please do not remove the battery this way. You are likely to puncture or cause the battery to expand and explode.

    Albert Einstein - Contestar

    Albert Einstein: Please say how to remove the battery without risking puncturing

    Steven Holbourne - Contestar

    There are two strips of double sided tape along the long edges of the battery.

    Chris Johnson - Contestar

  6. Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 6, imagen 1 de 2 Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement: paso 6, imagen 2 de 2
    • Desolder the four battery wires (red, black, green, and white) from the motherboard.

    • Make sure to note which wire goes where, you don't want to re-solder the wires backwards!

    • The battery should now come free from the device.

    You made no mention of the white and green wires.

    From the picture you desoldered them. The white should be for a thermistor I'm guessing and I'm not sure what the green is for.

    I don't think the tablet will charge without wiring up these white and green wires properly.

    Dan Lloyd - Contestar

    Thanks Dan! The guide has been updated.

    Geoff Wacker -

    green wire is for what? i only found generic battery with three wires, the black, red and white. What to do with the green wire?

    Alberto MonicaMac103004 -

    I guess I have to ask, where can you fine a replacement battery?

    beatz4all - Contestar

    Ali express, I ordered this one for example:

    Be advised, THIS BATTERY HAS DEFINITELY NOT 6000mAh... more like only 3500 to 4000mAh!!!! Therefore it drains the shield tablet more rapidly then your defective battery, especially when playing or using gamestream.

    Also this is a LOT product, meaning you get 3 batteries and one 5V usb loading adapter.

    Positive side is, this battery fits perfectly inside the shield tablet and it is not one of those Chinese DIY batteries with strange dual cell setups.

    But your call and risk.

    TarAnTani -

    I f you know give us some url to buy because i cant find correct battery yet!!

    I buy battery model No:3873121 and i fixed in my tablet but is just open and after some minutes is closed!!

    dimitris 07 - Contestar

    I feel you. Just installed new batt from Aliexpress. it has four terminals black, red, white and green. Now im lost. It just open and closed everytime. Did you manage to fix this. Lemme know. thanks man. The bad things was i already disposed the old battery together with the PCB.

    Alberto MonicaMac103004 -

    2020/09/09. Please take a look at this quick guide, it’s very good. I couldn’t find any replacement batteries that match:

    ol1bit - Contestar

    Almost impossible to solder thermistor to this battery contact, the original was spot welded, ruined first battery by trying to, it’s aluminium. I resolved it buy using 5mm of wire twisted and tinned then was able to solder to the battery contact then to the thermistor.

    Ali express more like the Nvidia shield battery, says 5500mah, who knows :-) :-

    N Mir - Contestar


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where do I get or buy the battery in the first time? NVIDIA send it to my place in Brasil?

The seller here doesn't even care about my issue, he told me to contact NVIDIA to solve this problem.

Wilson - Contestar

Ok some info for you guys, I already swapped my battery with one from aliexpress.

You don't need to unsolder the loading pcb from the tablet's pcb (black, red, green and white) BECAUSE, you need that very same loading board or otherwise it will only boot up to shutdown immediately.

INSTEAD, remove the black fabric where those wires go into the battery, then unsolder the cell itself from the loading board.

Now check your battery if it came with a loading board, if it came with one, remove that one, you only need the pure cell.

Next step, solder 2 wires where the metal tabs of the battery cell were soldered formerly and connect those 2 wires to the metal tabs of your new cell. (watch out and match the polarity correctly!!!!!)

Before reassembling the tablet, connect your usb charger to the tablet and let it load for 30 sec to one minute.

This resets the IC on the loading board and you can boot up afterwards.

The loading board has a serial number IC onboard, that's why others don't work right out of the box.

TarAnTani - Contestar

What is the model of the battery that you took ?

Tony 06 -

Hey thanks so much for this info! I am about to purchase one of these from a friend with the intention to replace the battery. I'd really like to know if following your replacement instructions ends up giving your battery on the nvidia shield the label B01? The Y01 is the subject of the recall which causes so much conflict in these.

Addiontally I've been told that the tablets that were recalled will be force updated to brick to stop any future conflict. Does anyone have any update on this? I'm very much interested in knowing this info before investing in the tablet and the replacement battery. I have the skill, because this is what I do for a living.. but I'm really in need of more info!

Thanks again!

QuikTroniks -

Quel est le model de la batterie Aliexpress ?

Tony 06 -

I did exactly as you described. My Shield booted with the new battery and charged to about 50% - then it just died. The 2 power lines going from the battery board to the shield show exactly 0V - no idea what went wrong. The battery seems fine with 3.8V. Can you help?

budelrum -

budelrum  the battery is flat (discharged) at 3.8 volts you need to charge it to 4.2 and try again.

MYdeviceRepair -

I'm looking for a battery with a higher capacity than the original one. Maybe 8000mAh... do these exist already? I mean it should fit in the Shield.

budelrum - Contestar

Why would a larger battery fit?

Leo Best -

Wow, in my search for a great fixable tablet, I thought the Shield or k1 version would be perfect. My original Nexus 7 was very fixable, to replace either battery or screen, but alas, it's just not performing on 5.1.1. So, I'm searching for a replacement tablet for light consumption and productivity, to complement my work laptop. The Shield had everything, good sound, performance, android updates, but that battery design just killed it for me... if they made it more easily swappable, then game over, I would have invented in one.

Jack - Contestar

So my brother in law dropped his shield on the concrete sidewalk. Since then, it usually won't power at all, but after pulling it completely apart and checking every freaking thing, sometimes it boots, then shuts down right after showing the Nvidia logo. Sometimes it sits on the Nvidia logo screen and doesn't go any further. I'm miffed. Anyone have ideas?

Jeremiah Burt - Contestar

components knocked off the motherboard. maybe even the CPU/GPU ball mounted chips will get knocked off in some falls. Re-flowing it might help but use cation. a good look over for parts that look lifted first would be a start.

MYdeviceRepair -

Кто-нибудь знает, где можно купить батарею для nvidia shield , чтобы самому заменить? Нигде не могу найти

asia200121 - Contestar

На этом видео чувак меняет батарейку, просто на какую-то похожую по параметрам/габаритам. Думаю такую же поискать.

Вот еще темка

и еще

Mc Zh -

I can find the right battery??

dimitris 07 - Contestar

BATTERRYYY?? where did you all buy??

Sherwin Sherry.J - Contestar

battery, is right where do you get one?

Joe Pianta - Contestar

where to get the pcb ?? I need a new pcb , any suitable pcb for the sheild k1

e_lmz - Contestar


I did buy mine here (i don’t have, as now, replace it)

Canis Lupus Lupus - Contestar

I got a battery from Ali Express which meets the spec. However, it only has red and black wires. Is it usable?

Rod McCall - Contestar

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