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Replacing the Nintendo DS Lite Speakers

  1. Place your device upside down and locate the battery compartment.
    • Place your device upside down and locate the battery compartment.

    • Find the phillips head screw securing the battery cover in the bottom right hand corner of the device.

    • Loosen the screw enough to remove the battery cover but leave the screw in the cover for reassembly.

    • Use only a phillips screwdriver to remove screw.

    take out gameboy slot too!

    pollytintop - Contestar

  2. Slowly remove the battery cover with the iFixit opening tool.
    • Slowly remove the battery cover with the iFixit opening tool.

    • Make sure to remove the cover carefully to keep from losing phillips screw in the cover. It will be needed for reassembly.

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    • Use the iFixit opening tool to carefully pry the battery out of the case.

    • After the old battery is removed replace it with a new battery facing the same direction as when the cover was opened.

    • For some devices, you may be able to remove the battery by flipping the DS over and letting the battery fall into your hand.

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    • Place the battery cover on the top and gently screw in the phillips head screw to firmly secure the battery.

    • Use only the phillips screwdriver to tighten the screw.

    • After this step you will have successfully relpaced your Nintendo DS battery.

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    • Remove the following 7 screws securing the lower case to the DS Lite:

      • 3 silver tri-wing screws (5mm long)

      • 1 black tri-wing screw (4mm)

      • 2 gold Phillips screws (4mm)

      • 1 silver Phillips screw (3mm)

    • Do not remove the silver PH screw (3mm) in the battery compartment yet. It holds the main PCB in place.

    Remove the Tri-Wing screws from the DS cartridge port area and the battery bay.

    Matt - Contestar

    They left out of the tool section the Triwing screwdriver, a security tool used on most Nintendo game systems. There are 4 Trihead screws holding the case together and 3 Phillips head screws.

    ABCellars - Contestar

    2 are not philip heads

    roemio do carmo lobo - Contestar

    I actually have Tri-Wing screws on mine!! You can't open the unit up unless you have the proper tools!

    Jon Fukumoto - Contestar

    • Remove the plastic insert (or cartridge) from the lower slot (Slot 2).

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    • Flip the unit over.

    • Use a spudger to pry open the gap between the bottom case and the front panel. Work all the way around the case until the panel is free.

    • Avoid touching the L and R shoulder buttons, because they pop off easily and are difficult to reassemble. Keeping the bottom case against your workbench will help hold them in place.

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Carefully separate the two pieces by hand.

    • The two shoulder buttons are made up of three pieces -- the plastic button, a pin, and a spring. If they accidentally pop out while you are working, study the picture and make sure you put the spring in the correct position.

    • When reassembling the cover, make sure that the power switch cover on the bottom case is in the off (down) position. Otherwise, the power switch cover can break the very fragile power switch upon reassembly.

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    • Locate the two screws that attach the logic board to the device.

    • Unscrew the two Phillips head screws.

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    • With a plastic opening tool, gently separate the logic board from the device base.

    • The ribbon cable and two wires are still connected to the logic board.

    • The buttons may fall out, but can easily be put back in place.

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    • Flip the logic board over so that the touch screen is facing up.

    • Using metal tweezers, carefully disconnect the other ribbon cable that connects the touch screen with the logic board.

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    • Using one finger nail or the plastic opening tool, carefully lift the brown securing flap of the connector. Then disconnect the ribbon cable that connects the logic board to the upper screen.

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    • Remove the two Phillips-head screws that hold the hinge in place.

    • Carefully separate the two pieces.

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    • After separating the two components, carefully unhinge them by moving the bottom piece to the left and the top piece to the right.

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    • Turn the device upside down.

    • Remove the four rubber pads that are located by the top screen using a push pin.

    • After removing the LED hinge, remove the round hinge shaft.

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    • Unscrew the four Phillips-head screws and remove the top panel.

    • Be careful not to damage the wires and the ribbon cable.

    Be careful when pulling the top screen apart. The tabs holding the screen together may bend and you won't be able to get the back cover back on. Try sliding the back of the screen forward and then pull it apart after removing screws

    Vinnesia League - Contestar

    • Carefully remove the two speakers and the green wireless card from the panel.

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    • Remove the top screen from the panel by pushing up on the screen from underneath.

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    • Carefully slide the ribbon cable through the opening.

    • Be careful not to damage the ribbon cable.

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    • The speakers are soldered to the top screen flex assembly. You may desolder a broken speaker and solder a working speaker on, or you may replace the speakers together with the display assembly.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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