If your normally piping hot cup of coffee is coming out at room temperature then the water heater may be to blame. This replacement involves removing a number of small screws so it may be a good idea to have the iFixit magnet pad nearby. Follow this guide to replace your device’s water heater and restore heat to your Ninja Coffee Bar.

  1. Unscrew (8) 6mm screws using Phillips head #1 screwdriver
    • Unscrew (8) 6mm screws using Phillips head #1 screwdriver

    • Remove bottom cover

  2. Unscrew (3) 6mm screws with Phillips head #1 screwdriver
    • Unscrew (3) 6mm screws with Phillips head #1 screwdriver

    • Remove tube protection plate

    • Detach valve tubes from valve by squeezing pins and pull tubes away from valve

    • Detach valve tubes from device by pinching pins and sliding the tubes off

    • Unscrew the four 6mm #1 Phillips head screws from the underside of the basket area.

    • Remove the single 6mm #1 Phillips-head screw from the side of the unit.

    • Slowly pry the upper cover away from the unit on top of the brew basket, and near the base of the water reservoir along the side of the upper cover.

    • Separate hose from upper nozzle by squeezing the clamp and pulling the hose down slightly.

    • Using a #1 Phillips head screwdriver with an extension, remove three 6mm screws holding the heater to the unit.

    • Remove heater from unit.

    • Squeeze clip and separate signal wiring.

    • Using wire stripper/crimping tool, uncrimp wiring connectors

    • Wiring connectors are sealed together making them difficult to disconnect. Cutting and rewiring should be considered.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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