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Use this guide to replace the rear case on your Nabi Jr.


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  1. Nabi Jr Rear Case Replacement, Rear Case: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Remove the red rubber case from the device. This should come off with ease.

  2. Nabi Jr Rear Case Replacement: paso 2, imagen 1 de 1
    • Turn the device so the screen is facing away from you.

    • Using a philips head, size #00, screwdriver, remove the screws in each corner of the plastic casing.(total of 4 screws)

  3. Nabi Jr Rear Case Replacement: paso 3, imagen 1 de 1
    • Remove the device casing using a small plastic pry bar.

    • This might take a little bit of force to accomplish, don't be afraid to go at it with a little gusto.

  4. Nabi Jr Rear Case Replacement: paso 4, imagen 1 de 1
    • After loosening the back cover, remove it from the device so you can get at the innards.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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